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We know the experience can be terrifying, stressful and a tremendous inconvenience to your lifestyle. Call us first and immediately (from the scene of the accident! We handle every step of the process from towing your automobile to our shop for free (in most cases) getting you a rental car and completing the autobody repair, all while working with you and your insurance company inconvenience to you as possible. In addition to being the best auto body and auto collision repair center in South San Francisco, we provide quality workmanship and superior service in everything we do.


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"Cesar and his staff provided impeccable services. With his experience and advocacy he supported me through the insurance process and repairs. I wish more business would provice such services with integrity and great customer service like Royalty.

Thank you- Royalty! -"

Shirley P., Property Administrator, Ashforth Pacific of California, LLC

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  • Collission & Body Repair
  • Consulting & Estimates
  • Painting & Paint repair
  • Framework
  • Restoration
  • Auto Detailing
  • Upholstery Service

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476 Victory Ave #A (South Spruce)
 South San Francisco CA 94080 USA


Written on 01 April 2014, 00.01 by royalty
    Car wreckers are very popular and offer an affordable way to save money on buying new parts for your car. There are four main factors which are responsible for car wreck which are:   Failure of equipment Poor design and maintenance of roadways i.e. if the road has potholes, roadway debris, etc. Rash driving of people Let us discuss how these factors lead to car wreck: Common failure of equipments may comprise of...
Written on 31 March 2014, 23.59 by royalty
There is probably no car safety component more important than your brakes.  Regular brake inspections and pad replacement are very simple to do and will save you money in the long run if you do them yourself.  In this article I will provide you with a basic overview of brake pad inspection and replacement.     If you are pressed for time, I recommend that you check the front end for sure.  Front brakes do most of the stopping and tend to wear out about...
Written on 31 March 2014, 23.55 by royalty
Since December the 1st 2003, it has been illegal to use a hand held mobile and drive at the same time. The law goes onto be more precise t by declaring it is illegal to use a hand held device that is used for reasons for written and verbal communication.   Although not illegal, hands free has been even declared as an distraction. But how does this relate to the Iphone and Ipod? Could these blur the lines of the law, due to their interactive nature which could be potentially...
Written on 31 March 2014, 23.49 by royalty
If so it is truly time which you thought about utilising an in vehicle cameras to safeguard yourself and your cars. Moreover, we live in a time when crimes against vehicles are becoming more widespread and rising congestion is resulting in additional and much more road accidents world-wide.   So what benefits can vehicle security video camera technologies offer? There are numerous benefits to using an onboard car camera. Not merely will the system safeguard you as you're driving,...
Written on 03 March 2014, 21.11 by royalty
Safety First: Protecting Your Loved Ones From Car Collisions     1. Seat Belts. These are designed to keep you inside the vehicle and reduce the risk that you will collide with the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield. New seat designs have additional features such as adjustable upper belts, seat belt pretensioner, energy management features, and rear center seat lap/shoulder belts. Adjustable upper belts let you change the position of the...